What is ESOC?

ESOC stands for Environmentally Safe Oil Change. It is a system which frees up labor in the garage and cuts down on mess and time. ESOC perges used oil, coolant and fuel faster than any gravity drain method, and does so with no spills.

How ESOC works

  1. Connect ESOC to the oil pan via the low profile drain fitting and the oil filter via the inlet fitting
  2. Program ESOC as prompted or press START
  3. Purge air is sent into the oil filter(s), and lubricating passages, emptying the oil filter and purging the waste oil from the passages
  4. Once the purge air (automatically) stops, it will be safe to change the oil filter(s)
  5. ESOC stops automatically when the oil pan is empty and awaits operator input to start the oil fill process
  6. Fresh oil is now introduced under pressure into the filter and oil passages, pre-lubricating the engine


ESOC process schematic